Alicia Menzie's Dance Company

My name is Alicia Menzie and I am the owner of Alicia Menzie’s Dance Company (AMDC) and we are committed to encouraging all dancers to operate and move with a spirit of excellence. My mission is to provide dancers with a since of empowerment, enlightenment and high self-esteem that will manifest itself through an artistic expression in dance. I am dedicated to stirring up the gifts of dance that live in your children! My goal is to provide a quality experience dance instruction in a warm friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. The Dance Company promotes self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation through the experience of dance. We will help students improve posture, balance, flexibility, and improve coordination.  This company is dedicated to helping students develop grace, confidence, and self-discipline.  

AMDC is not just a company- we are a dance village and we will foster greatness in our dancer one 8 count at a time!

About Us