Every child's first visit to us starts with a comprehensive dance exam. We take the time to evaluate the unique dance challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom dance experience can be created.

Where Dance is the Greatest Sport in the World.


Class Schedules

There's no limit to the amount of joy and memories that you and your dancer can create on this dance journey!  We have a variety of programs with various price points to fit your needs.  

Styles of Dance
To ensure a lifetime of dance and smiles, we have created our class schedules to grow with your child and their needs. Classes are separated by age and skill set, with the ability for maximum growth and development.

We also have an amazing Summer Camp!

AMDC provides classes for Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Performance Majorette and Praise Dance.
We offer an amaizing quality dance experience for children age 3 - 17.

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