My name is Alicia Menzie and I am the owner of Alicia Menzie’s Dance Company in Columbus Georgia.  I have been teaching dance for over 20 years.  In 2015 I formally opened this amazing company teaching Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Majorette, Liturgical (Praise Dance) and Ballet. 

I was born and raised in marvelous Columbus Georgia.  I am a Carver High School graduated.  I also attended Troy State University with a major in Sociology.  At the age of 18 I joined the United States Marine Corp. My military career took me everywhere from Okinawa Japan to Bronx New York.  While in the military, I continued my college education and also continued to model for Mabel Bailey Modeling Agency.  Through my journey, and its ups and downs I began to realize focus on my true passion.  At the end of my 7 year military career, I returned to my one true love of dance.

The mission of AMDC (Alicia Menzie's Dance Company)  is to provide dancers of all ages, sex and economic back ground with a since of empowerment, enlightenment, high self-esteem and confidence that will manifest itself through an artistic expression in dance.  Dance is an amazing art form that means so many different things to so many people.  Dance transcends race, religion, speech and social status.

About Us

​​How we do it!

There's no limit to the amount of joy and memories that you and your dancer can create on this dance journey! We have a variety of programs with various price points to fit your needs.

​Recreational Classes:

Classes are $50 per style of dance

Classes last an hour and are once a week.

Students may take as many styles of dance as they would like.

Performance Team monthly payments are $115.

Classes do not include uniforms.

​​Summer Camp is $75 per week

Mommy and Me

Baby Doll   &

Big Doll Performance Team​​

Age 7-11 & Age 12-17
We have one amazing Performance team. The Baby Doll team features our elementary age girls. Our Big Doll Team highlights our middle and high school age competitive dancers.

Learn more about Alicia Menzie 

this is how it all began!

Class Schedule
To ensure a lifetime of dance and smiles, we have created our schedules to grow with your child and their needs. Class are seperated by age and skill set, with the ability for maximum growth and development. 

​Recreational Classes:

Ballet: Age 3-6                       Wednesday's @ 6pm

​Mommy & Me: Age 2-8      Wednesday's @7pm

Ballet: Age 7+           Tuesday & Thursday@ 5pm

Jazz:  Age 7+                            Wednesday's @5pm

Hip Hop: Age 3-6                         Thursdays @5pm

Hip Hop: Age 7+                        Thursday's @6pm


(Majorette, Ballet and one class from above)

Performance schedule available upon request

Alicia Menzie’s Dance Company is an amazing dance village.  We promote good citizenship and excellent scholars.  We believe in building the entire dancer.  Most members of AMDC are honor roll students.  Those who are not on the honor roll at their perspective schools are making great strides with the assistance of their teammates!  AMDC is active in the community participating in parades, recitals, showcases and other local events.  We love and adore our community and we give back to the Salvation Army and other outreach programs on a consistent basis.  AMDC believes in the greatness that lives in our dancers!  We are committed to encouraging all dancers to operate and move with a spirit of excellence and joy. Our mission is to provide all dancers with a since of empowerment, enlightenment and high self-esteem that will manifest itself through an artistic expression in dance. We are dedicated to stirring up the gifts of dance that live in you and your children! Our goal is to provide a long-lasting quality experience dance instruction in a warm friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. AMDC promotes self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and an appreciation through the experience of dance.  The confidence gained through the art of dance is like none other!  This company is dedicated to helping students develop grace, elegance, and self-discipline.  We believe Dance is the greatest sport in the world!  

We have two great teams!

Mini Doll Performance Team

​Age 5-7
We have one amazing Performance team.
For maximum greatness we are seperated by age. These young dancers have ballet, hip hop and majorette classes.

Styles of Dance

Summer Camp

Alicia Me​nzie's Dance Company

Mommy and Me Virtual classes are for Mommy's age 18 and up and little girls age 2-8 years old.  This class will introduce ballet to  you and your young dancer while you relax in the comforts of your home!  Classes will last approximately one hour. 

You will absolutely love this new experience, and who better to share it with than your daughter!

Summer Dance Camp is a great day camp for all dancers! Camp is a fun family environment with a focus on the art of dance while enjoying arts and crafts. Camp hours are 8am - 4:30pm. This camp includes dance classes, lunch, snack and arts and crafts.
We recognize that the art of dance is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed by all. 

Some of our students enjoy dance as a recreational pleasure. For those amazing students we offer a recreational team.

For our more serious dancers who enjoy dance as a competitive sport we are here to meet your needs. We have an amazing performance team.

​​Dance is the Greatest Sport in the World!

Recreational Team

​Age 3-17
We have one amazing Performance team.
For maximum greatness we are seperated by age. These young dancers have ballet, hip hop and majorette classes.

Every child's first visit to us starts with a comprehensive dance exam. 
We take the time to evaluate the unique dance challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom program of dental care can be created. Our goal is to ensure that we place all students in classes that promote their personall growth and development.

We offer:         Mommy & Me (Ballet Intro), Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Performance Team  Majorette and Praise Dance